Moissanite Engagement Rings

Move over diamonds! Moissanites are a girl’s new best friend! Here’s why you should consider moissanite engagement rings.

A little while ago now, I posted a question on my Instagram story asking how many people knew what moissanites were. I think, out of 300-ish people, only 5 knew about moissanites. WHAAAT! It seems that people have only heard the word “Moissanite” because of the ill informed, catty girls on “Selling Sunset” ha! I’m here to myth bust and bring you some facts about these lovely gems.

I have loved moissanites for a few years now and although I am by no means an expert on these magical stones, I have researched into them a lot because I love everything about them. If you want to throw your significant other a hint about engagement rings, here are 3 amazing facts about moissanite engagement rings and why you should consider them over diamonds.


This may be the most important point, so I’ll start with it. Moissanites are conflict free making them a suitable choice for ethical Brides. Moissanites are NOT “fake diamonds” and are in an entire league of their own.  Many diamonds are mined in past war zone locations and those that mine them are often treated badly, sometimes with violence. More about this here. Moissanites however, come from the stars (meteorites) and are completely conflict free. Who wouldn’t want a piece of the Universe on their finger!


Believe it or not, moissanites hold incredible value to that of a diamond with equivalent quality.  A natural or lab diamond is priced on the 4 C’s:

Carat weight    –    Cut    –    Colour    –     Clarity

For example, a naturally mined 2 carat diamond with an excellent cut, a H colour (near colourless) and a VS1 clarity can be anything from £6000.00 onwards for just the stone without a ring to set it in. Moissanites, generally already have excellent cut, colour and clarity whatever the shape you choose. They aren’t measured in carat weight but instead are measured in mm, so a 2 carat equivalent often comes up bigger than 2 carat diamond. All this for 90% cheaper.

I recently saw my favourite moissanite company, East West Gem Co, post to their Instagram, a dreamy 2 carat equivalent emerald cut moissanite (much like their Harper ring below) – set in a stunning yellow gold ring, with a cathedral claw setting for no more than $1500 (£1250). Hello laser beam sparkles. In my opinion by far the most stunning of all rings. They also ship worldwide. Get nudging your partners!

Images belong to East West Gem Co – featuring the Harper Ring (3 Carat Moissanite)


This means that Moissanites are pretty much as hard as diamonds. Diamonds have a hardness of 10, which is the highest of all stones. Moissanites come in at 9.25 on the Mohs scale, making the stone itself and the facets (the sparkles) long wearing for years and years to come, through all kinds of every day wear. However, despite moissanites ranking a tiny bit lower on the hardness scale, they outshine diamonds with their fire and brilliance, creating incredible rainbow sparkles (see video above).

Whatever type of engagement ring you choose, purchase within your means, it’s the love and marriage that counts for more.

You can learn more about Moissanites on the below:

Fire and Brilliance

Brilliant Earth

Charles and Colvard

Lauren B Jewelry

Priya x

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